We offer a full range of sharpening and small engine repair services with all work guaranteed sharp!If you have something you need sharpened that is not listed below just contact us.

Carbide Circular Saw Blades

Carbide saw blades are sharpened using industry standard equipment designed for precision grinding performance of all types of saw blades from 1-17/8” to 30” in diameter. Our equipment is designed to maintain optimal rotational speeds for grinding carbide.  We can sharpen hardened steel and carbide steel blades with multiple tooth configurations such as flat grind, alternating bevel, triple chip and combination blades.  Dado blades are also welcome.

Woodworking Tools

When sharpening metal tools, one must always be aware of protecting metal temper. Changes of temper can begin to change at 176C (349F), depending on the type of steel. These temperatures can be easily reached when grinding or sanding. Cool wet stone methods are used when possible as well as frequent quenching of the metal during grinding or sanding.  Don’t throw away your dull tools, have them sharpened to factory or better results and save the landfill.

We sharpen most woodworking tools including:

· Wood chipper blades

· Planer and jointer blades

· Spiral planer blades

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· Router bits – high speed steel and carbide

· Hole saws – high speed steel and carbide

· Moulding Shaper cutters

· Forstner bits

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· Chisels

· Hand and Block Plane

· Lathe turning tools

· Wood carving tools

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Clipper Blades & Repairs

We use industry leading equipment that provides the necessary grinding surface required to sharpen hair clipper blades for animal groomers, veterinarians, barbers and hair stylists. All clipper blades are checked for damage, sharpened, cleaned, oiled and packaged to protect the blades. We sharpen all popular makes including Oster, Andis, Wahl, Laube, Lister and more. We also stock replacement blades if your blades are at the end of their life and can no longer be sharpened.Clipper blades require special equipment in order to provide the necessary hollow grind for sharpening.  You cannot sharpen clipper blades on a flat stone!  Mail your clipper blades to us and have them restored to factory sharpness.

We also repair most small and large animal clippers from Andis, Oster, Wahl and others. Clippers contain parts that are designed to wear out and protect the fundamental part of the clipper. We can swap out the worn parts, clean, lubricate and get your clippers in top running condition increasing the lifespan of your equipment.  Please note that turnaround time for clipper repair may vary due to replacement part requirements.Protect your investment and mail your clippers to us and have them serviced on an annual basis.  Nothing is worse than your tool failing right when you need it.  An ounce of prevention…


Scissors are generally classified by edge type, Japanese Edge (Convex) or German Edge (Bevel). Scissors blades can be curved or straight and have different edge styles such as pinking, corrugated, etc. Each type of scissor offers its own challenge in sharpening. We sharpen all types of scissors to factory or better sharpness.Japanese edge scissors require special equipment for sharpening.  All scissors are inspected for nicks, bends and other wear issues that might effect performance.

We sharpen all styles of scissors including:

· Convex Edge (Japanese) Stylist

· Bevel Edge (German) Stylist

· Chunking, Thinning shears

· Animal Groomer (Straight & Curved)

· Household

· Kitchen

· Pinking

· Thread Nippers

· Large Upholstery

We also offer a scissor repair for missing bolts, bumpers, finger rests, etc.

Knives & Razors

Knives come in an amazing assortment of steel, shapes and sizes. Our focus is getting all of our knives to an edge that meets or exceeds factory sharpness. Like woodworking tools, sharpeners must be aware of metal temperatures so not to lose the temper of the steel by overheating. We can sharpen all knives, from pocket sized to swords, straight or curved, single edged Japanese to bevel edged German knives.  We can sharpen all knife edge types.

  Knife angles are reground to match the specific purpose of the knife.

Dull knives are dangerous. Dull knives slip from their intended position and often land on fingers. Steels, hones and “V” style sharpeners are only intended to maintain your knives. All knives have to be reground once honing is no longer effective.

We will re-profile knives with reverse bow cutting edges and regrind knives to repair broken tips or uneven arcs.  We can sharpen both bevel and convex edged knives.

We sharpen all style of knives and edged tools including:

· Kitchen

· Hunting

· Pocket

· Serrated

Straight Razor

A straight razor requires extensive honing and stropping. We use Japanese water stones and diamond paste to get the shaving sharp edge required.

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Gardening & Work Tools

There are so many items that we use every day that have an edge. We can make our lives easier and safer by having sharp edges on our tools. We sharpen:

· Manual hedge shears, pruners, lopers and other garden cutters

· Gas and electric hedge trimmers blades

· Shovels, hoes, spades, turf edgers and ice chippers

· Hatchets, axes and mauls

· Machetes, scythes and sickles

· Paper and photo cutters

· Push type reel mechanical lawn mowers

· Gas lawn mower rotary blades

We check all lawn mower blades for bends and balance. Lawn mower blades must be balanced because of their high spin rate. Bent lawn mower blades are unsafe and should always be replaced.


If your chainsaw is producing more dust than wood chips, it is time to have it sharpened.  Sharpening chainsaws by hand can lead to inconsistent tooth size and uneven cutting.  We use industry leading, accurate grinding methods to make sure all teeth sizes are filed exactly the same.  Depth of cut is also checked during sharpening.

Chainsaws come in many types and sizes.  Can can sharpen chains from 1/4″ – 3/4″ pitch including standard, semiskip and full skip chains.

Chain teeth consist of Chipper, Chisel and Semi-chisel.



Semi Chisel

Small Engine Repair and General Equipment Maintenance

We offer small engine repair services on most brands including Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Honda, LCT and Stihl.  You’ll find these engines on brands such as Husqvarna, Troy Built, Toro, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Ariens, MTD and Yardworks.

Our services do not stop at the engine!  We also do general maintenance on small equipment including snowblowers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, rototillers, compactors and more!​

Chainsaws come in many types and sizes.  Can can sharpen chains from 1/4″ – 3/4″ pitch including standard, semiskip and full skip chains.

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