Here is some feedback from our customers:

Took my straight edge razor to Trent just this weekend who did an incredible job bringing this razor back to life. Never had a better shave! Incredible results and amazing turn around time!

I just picked up a set of my chipper knives that I delivered yesterday. They look awesome! One day turnaround time. Unbeatable! Thanks Trent, you have my business.

My knives work again! . Thanks Trent, you're the best!

Thanks so much Trent! Knives are amazing!!!!!

Wow! I don't think these knives have ever been this sharp! Slicing ripe tomatoes - super clean!

Fantastic service and the knives are the best they have been since purchase!!

Trent sharpened our set of knives - simply fantastic ! Quick and efficient service. Happy to have this service available in Rossland.

Trent sharpened my manual push reel mower (no engine.) These things are great, no fuel, no tuneups, and some exercise - but it is hard to find anyone who will sharpen them. Trent will, and now my mower is awesome! Cut a beautiful swath through long bumpy grass. I can't wait to mow my lawn - no kidding! (And the wood chisel looks brand new and is sharp as can be.) I highly recommend Trent and his service.

Our kitchen employees are very happy with their freshly sharpened knives.

I love our sharp knives! Thank you so much Trent!! And the lawnmower sharpening is super awesome!

Trent re-ground my two old bread knives! I didn't think it was possible, but they are like new. Thanks!

The knives are amazing. They've never been that sharp, even when I took them out of the box! I'm really impressed.

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